“Elizabeth always inspires and challenges me with her incomparable analytic capacity and gentle editing. She has an uncanny ability to get into the mind of the author, enriching your voice without imposing her own. She is a true gem!”

– Gul Ozyegin, Author of New Desires, New Selves, NYU Press

“Elizabeth has helped me re-imagine everything I thought I knew about the editing process. What was once a painful and dreaded ordeal to be unhappily but necessarily endured, Elizabeth has transformed into an inexplicably beautiful and exciting process full of surprise and discovery…. Some women want to birth additional babies in order to maintain their relationship with their beloved midwives. Elizabeth makes me want to write more manuscripts.”

– Valley Haggard, Founder Life in 10 Minutes and Author of The Halfway House for Writers

“Elizabeth is not only incredibly meticulous in her editing and proofreading, she also encourages you to dig deep into your work to bring out the kind of writing that she knows you are capable of.  She is part cheerleader, part coach, and full-time teammate alongside you on your journey to become the best writer that you can be.”

– Shelley Briggs Callahan, Author of The House of Life, Chop Suey Books 


“This class has been helpful in every way. It was about editing, yes, but so much more…. I looked forward to it every week and wrote more than I have in a long time.” – Mary Jo

“This was my first class in creative writing in a long time, but every lesson on process that introduced a named example of a writer’s technique was so helpful…. I loved the collective dialogue that took place. I think this was a wonderful space for personal discovery as writers and of connections.” – Whitney

“This class was a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to listen to and learn from the brilliant Elizabeth. Her calm presence and cheerful demeanor immediately made me feel safe and reassured me that I could share my writing.” – Erin