I got my first experience editing while an undergraduate research assistant
at The College of William and Mary. There, I worked with my sociology professor on what was to become New Desires, New Selves (NYU Press), an account of the shifting gender and sexual identities of young Turks. After an interlude spent working for an event company in New York City, a public affairs firm in Richmond, and a hotel in rural Spain, I came back to editing full-time. I’m passionate about memoir, socially engaged nonfiction, and adult and YA fiction with strong characters. Occasionally I work outside those genres, when the fit is right.

I like to think of editing as the process that brings the magic and the machine of writing together, and I try to balance a deep respect for craft with a love for inventiveness and formal experimentation.

When I’m not editing or teaching, I write regularly for the local publication Richmond magazine on topics ranging from banjo-playing pharmacists to the human microbiome and more. My writing has also appeared online at Misadventures Magazine, Life in 10 Minutes, and RVA News. You can view my most recent clips here.