I love helping writers grow in their craft & their confidence. Below, you will find brief descriptions of the editing services I provide along with pricing. To discuss what you’re working on, please email me at elizabeth[at]elizabethferris.com.

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Manuscript Evaluations Receive detailed feedback on what is working in your manuscript, what needs adjustment, and where to go from here. Includes an 8-10 page editorial letter going over the big picture of your book (themes, character development, voice, pacing) and select line edits to help you refine your style. Manuscript Evaluations are not as intensive as full developmental edits. I recommend them for writers with a complete (or mostly complete) manuscript that hasn’t yet received professional feedback. $0.01 per word, $500 minimum. Available for fiction and nonfiction.

First 50 Pages – Have the beginnings of a story? Or want to get intensive feedback on just a portion of your book? In a First 50 Pages Edit, you’ll receive detailed line edits covering topics like characterization, dialogue, voice, sensory detail, and style. You’ll also receive a brief letter outlining a few big-picture themes. $225. Available for fiction and nonfiction. Line edits will be most concentrated on the first 5-10 pages of your manuscript, with more general feedback and references to earlier notes after. First 30 pages available for $160. Length based on standard manuscript page formatting with double-spacing and 12-pt font.

Story and Essay Editing – Style, voice, flow, pacing, character development, scene-setting, sensory details, and more — for shorter works (8,000 words and under). Pricing starts at $0.03 per word, depending on your goals and how far along the piece is — get in touch to discuss. Available for personal essays, journalistic nonfiction, and short stories.

Copy-Editing (Books and Book Proposals)  In a copy-edit, I will read for grammar, spelling, proper word usage, and punctuation. I also look out for things like consistency (do you start out using Oxford commas but leave them off halfway through?), readability, and general coherence. While copy-editing inherently involves proofreading, they are not one and the same, and I always recommend writers do an additional proofread for projects going straight to publication. $0.015 per word, $250 minimum.